Safety Services

Put Safety First with ABC Safety Services

Create a culture of safety! ABC provides safety services affordably and efficiently. Services will be delivered in a way that works for your business model. ABC can provide you the expertise of a safety professional at a fraction of the cost of a full time Safety Director.
  • Every Person Home Safely Everyday: The most important goal of your company's safety program is to return every employee home safely each and every day. By creating a culture of safety, you can achieve that goal!
  • Lower Your Cost of Business: Putting safety first will lower your EMR and workers' comp rates, avoid costly citations and penalties, and reduce the costs associated with accidents.
  • Greater Productivity: Keeping your employees safe and accident free also keeps them working, ensuring your company is productive and effective for your clients.

ABC Enhanced Safety Services

Assessment & Review
  • Safety program review and updates
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Facility inspection
  • Job site inspections
Action & Implementation
  • Safety program development and implementation
  • Safety committee development
  • Accident investigations procedures
Safety Training
  • Other safety training customized to meet your company needs

On Demand By the Hour

Hire ABC Safety Director, Curt Sather, by the hour with no long-term commitment:
  • ABC Member Fee: $75 per Hour
  • Non-ABC Member Fee: $150 per Hour
Click here to download a copy of the Safety Services flyer. For more information, or to request a training, contact Curt directly by email or by calling (509) 534-0826.