Get Into Politics or Get Out of Business

Get into politics or get out of business

Federal Level

At the federal level there are many ways you can assure that your voice is heard.

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Free Enterprise Alliance
Political Action Committee

State level

If you are in business, then it is imperative you get involved in politics!

We would like to believe that free enterprise will live on forever.  Unfortunately most people, (including people who represent us in government), do not have a clue about what it takes to run a business.  That is where you come in and it is a two step process: 

First, we must help elect people to office who appreciate business and the jobs business creates. 

ABC is constantly working hard to identify and help elect pro-free enterprise candidates.  We provide a variety of ways in which you can help including contributing to the ABC State Political Action fund or the ABC National Political Action Fund and/or the ABC National Free Enterprise Alliance, (FEA).  

Once they are elected it is critical that we continue to provide input and educate our elected officials about issues of importance to the Merit Shop, free enterprise and construction. 

You can participate in this process by either contacting your legislators directly or joining the ABC Government Affairs Committee.

To participate in ABC Government Affairs activities please contact the IPC-ABC Office at (509) 534-0826.

Voter's Guide

Associated Builders and Contractros Inland Pacific Chapter Voter's Guide 2017

ABC has endorsed the following candidates in this year's election. Please feel free to call (509) 534-0826 with any questions or for more informat6ion about any of these candidates.

Spokane City Council:
District 1:
Tim Benn: Tim believes when representation is focused on getting results and putting residents first, families and businesses can thrive in Spokane's 1st district.
 Tim Benn

District 2:
Andy Dunau: “Together, we can build an environment that welcomes business, assures public safety, and protects our natural wonders without new taxes.”

District 3:
Matthew Howes:
"I believe in helping the small businesses grow to generate tax revenue and increase jobs. When in office I want to work on controlling our spending, stop tax increases and get our local government out of controlling how businesses operate their business."

State Senate:
Jinyoung Lee Englund:
​"Protecting Washingtonians from a new state income tax, fully funding education, reducing traffic congestion, and grounding skyrocketing car tabs. Together, we can, and will, accomplish far more for our community than if we remain divided."
ABC endorsed state  senate candidate: Jinyoung Lee Englund