Retro Enrollment


Are you a member of ABC and are interested in joining our Retro Group? Then call the ABC Office at (509) 534-0826 for more information.

For a free and confidential analysis of what your refunds would have been in the ABC Retro Group, complete a release form and contact Breanna Sigmon either by email or phone: (509) 252-9208.

Pricing Structure

  • Company must be a member in good standing with ABC.
  • Quarterly Management Fees 3.5% of Participating Member's Quarterly Premiums reported to L&I; paid at the end of the contract year from the member's refund (fees are due regardless of amount of refund).
  • Sponsorship fee 7% of Retro Refund on 1st Adjustment only.
  • Individual Retro Refunds are calculated with 10% BASED ON PREMIUM and 90% BASED ON PERFORMANCE.

Why is your refund percent different than the ABC Group refund?

The distribution formula is weighted to reward safety! The safer your company, the fewer claims you have, the better your refund.
Want a better refund? Then improve your safety record, reduce your claims, and your refund will go up.
ABC is here to help! For information on your safety performance, contact the ABC Office at (509) 534-0826.

How can my company begin benefitting?

Download an IPC-ABC Retro Release Authorization here (PDF format) and fax it to Breanna Sigmon at (509) 535-9967 and she will compile a refund predictor and contact you directly, or call Breanna for more information at (509) 252-9208