Your Help Needed Today!

Good news!  We now have a firm hearing on HB 119, our proposed bill that would amend Idaho’s CM/GC bill to better protect ALL parties in the construction industry and taxpayers!


After canceling the hearing last week, House Business Committee Chairman Vito Barbieri decided late yesterday that the hearing will go forward, TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH AT 1:30 pm Mountain Time.


Please, take a moment right now and email the members of the House Business Committee (list below) and ask for their support of HB 119.


Your email need not be long or involved, just urge the Representatives to protect Idaho taxpayers and everyone in the construction industry, not just huge general contractors, by voting to support HB 119.


Be aware that Idaho AGC is putting on a full court press to kill this bill -  they are anxious to further the interests of their largest general contractors at the expense of everyone else in the Industry, so your input is very important.


Finally, if you are in the Boise area and attend the hearing tomorrow it would be very helpful.  Even if you cannot testify if you can attend and sign in at the door in favor of the bill it would really help.  We expect the AGC to turn out in force.  The hearing will be in the House Business Committee Hearing Room on the lower level of the Capitol, beginning at 1:30 PM Mountain Time.


Here are the email addresses:


Representative Robert Anderst -

Representative Vito Barbieri - vbar@house.idaho

Representative Gayle Batt -

Representative Merrill Beyeler -

Representative Lance Clow -

Representative Gary Collins -

Representative Brent Crane -

Representative Reed DeMordaunt -

Representative Sage Dixon -

Representative Brandon Hixon -

Representative Paulette Jordan -

Representative Clark Kauffman -

Representative Jason Monks -

Representative Joe Palmer -

Representative John Rusche -

Representative Elaine Smith -

Representative Jeff Thompson -

Representative Caroline Troy -