Legislative Alert!  Your action needed now to amend the Idaho CM/GC law!

After working diligently with members of the Idaho Legislature regarding suggested amendments to Idaho’s new CM/GC law, we will have an initial hearing on the bill TOMORROW, Wednesday, February 10th in the House Business Committee.

Please immediately contact the members of the House Business Committee (list below), and urge their support of RS23573, which would amend the new Idaho CM/GC law passed last session.

This bill would put minimal, but important, rules around the new CM/GC law.  In summary the amendments would put some important limits that have been proven in other states to protect both taxpayers and subcontractors in cases where the CM/GC delivery method is used.

Specifically the amendments would:

·         Require that any sub-bid packages be competitively bid under existing rules governing Idaho public works statute 67-2805;

·         Limit the amount of work the CM/GC can perform to no more than 30% of the guaranteed maximum price, (GMP);

·         Require a GMP actually be negotiated (the existing law does not require a GMP), and that it be negotiated when the construction documents are at least 90% complete;

·         Require that all agreements concerning contingency reserves and incentives be in writing and agreed at the time the contract is awarded.

Here are the members of the House Business Committee.  Please send them an email ASAP and urge their support of RS23573 in the committee hearing tomorrow.  For more information, contact ABC President Kate McCaslin at katemccaslin@ipcabc.org.

Representative Robert Anderst                randerst@house.idaho.gov

Representative Vito Barbieri                       vbarbieri@house.idaho.gov

Representative Gayle Batt                           gbatt@house.idaho.gov

Representative Merrill Beyeler                  mbeyeler@house.idaho.gov

Representative Lance Clow                         lclow@house.idaho.gov

Representative Gary Collins                        gcollins@house.idaho.gov

Representative Brent Crane                       bcrane@house.idaho.gov

Representative Reed DeMordaunt          rdemordaunt@house.idaho.gov

Representative Sage Dixon                         sdixon@house.idaho.gov

Representative Brandon Hixon                  bhixon@house.idaho.gov

Representative Paulette Jordan                pjordan@house.idaho.gov

Representative Clark Kauffman                 ckauffman@house.idaho.gov