ABC Project Virtual

ABC Project Virtual

abc's new "project virtual" will change your game!

ABC is thrilled to announce “Project Virtual”, an innovative, affordable solution for ABC members to enhance their BIM capabilities and differentiate their construction services from the competition.

BIM?  Why should you care? Here’s the reality.  In the last 30 years the construction industry has fallen behind virtually every other industry in terms of productivity gains and efficiencies. Sadly our industry still labors under an average of 30 to 50% waste – far in excess of other industries. While other industries have sought and achieved more real value per dollar invested by their owners, the construction industry has actually declined.

For smart construction companies, both generals and subcontractors, these staggering statistics also represent enormous opportunity. By investing and choosing to make your company more productive and innovative, you can differentiate yourself from the rest of the marketplace, wow owners, obtain work and dominate the marketplace.

But how do you go about launching such an effort?

ABC’s Project Virtual is your solution. Project Virtual beings affordable and effective BIM Training and solutions to ABC members so they can better plan, build and manage buildings and infrastructure. ABC Project Virtual will enable members to work collaboratively with their clients and eliminate waste and rework, more effectively plan for project success, minimize design conflicts in a 3D environment, and ultimately deliver their work safely, ethically, and profitably.

By partnering with two of the industries BIM “giants”, Autodesk and Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, ABC is offering not only exclusive discounts on BIM software, but also assessment, training and certification. ABC Project Virtual is different because it is tailored specifically for construction companies, not design professionals.

Project Virtual has tools for ABC contractor members of every size and level of BIM sophistication, both new users and those interested in expanding the technical expertise of their team. Get started by taking the self-assessment, then build your skills with live training in basic and advanced topics. Or take advantage of on-demand training (available in 2014) that will provide the building blocks for BIM certification. Also in 2014, through our ABC chapter you will be able to book time in a Virtual Plan Room—a cost-effective way to bring construction partners together to use BIM, without making a significant investment in software.

partner offerings include

Member Discount Program (Available now)

Receive a discount on purchases of select Autodesk Design Suite licenses (Infrastructure, Building and Plant), along with discounts on most other Autodesk products. This includes any renewals on the software you presently have! To take advantage of this discount, ABC members should see call (800) 836-5440 and ask for the “ABC team,” or email

Training (Select courses available now)

Offered in multiple formats—online live, online on-demand, in-person and customized—classes are kept small to facilitate interaction. Contact us at (800) 836-5440 or for additional training options.

Skills Assessment Allows members to assess where they are with BIM, formulate an approach, get recommendations for training resources, and understand the gap between where they are and best practices in BIM.

Validate and represent employee skills gained through the Project Virtual BIM Training courses in several key areas.

ABC Virtual Plan Room
Allows ABC members to take advantage of BIM technology—by the hour, day or week—to supplement BIM needs in part or in whole.

Contact Information

For more information on this terrific new program contact the ABC office at (509) 534-0826