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Spokane City Council

ABC Endorses Mary Kuney

ABC would like to officially endorse Mary Kuney for Spokane County Commissioner. Based upon her business experience, county government knowledge and commitment to community service, ABC feels Mary would be an excellent choice to continue championing issues that matter. Her work as an auditor positions Mary to advocate for the economic development of both small and large businesses. Her experience in the Kuney family construction business closely aligns with ABC’s mission to advance the construction industry into the future and gives her a deep understanding of what it means to invest in businesses for the long term. Her knowledge of the local government means she understands the local political environment, the issues facing the county and what it takes to implement meaningful change. Her desire for efficiencies will help accomplish real change, something the current Council has failed to do repeatedly. A new perspective is needed in order to grow our community and address challenges head on, with ... Read the rest of entry »

Fair Elections or Special Protections

December 14, 2017 - Spokane - On December 18th, the Spokane City Council will consider Ordinance C35571. This campaign finance ordinance, dubbed the “Fair Elections Code,” is anything but fair as the following will point out. It’s possible that this measure was drafted in good faith, however, the version set to be approved by the City Council will likely break the election system giving more power and influence to PACs & political parties, labor unions, and incumbent elected officials. Many of these new rules will actually help PACs like the one Better Spokane operates or the firefighter union backed, Spokane for Honest Government PAC. There is needed reform to campaign finance laws, but they should take place at the state level. The biggest reason is that the City of Spokane cannot afford to devote resources to yet another bureaucracy, especially since this would be a duplication of what is already done at the state level. In addition, enforcing these rules on those outside the ci ... Read the rest of entry »

ABC Voters' Guide 2017

As many of you know election season is here again! By now most of you have received your primary ballots in the mail. Before voting ABC encourages its members to learn more about the candidates. With local council positions, judgeships and special state elections up this year, ABC cannot stress enough the importance of voting. Make sure to turn in your ballot by August 1st and please remind friends and family as well. ABC has endorsed the following candidates in this year’s election. Please feel free to call (509) 534-0826 with any questions or for more information about any of these candidates. Spokane City Council: District 2: Andy Dunau: “Together, we can build an environment that welcomes business, assures public safety, and protects our natural wonders without new taxes.” Tony Kiepe: "Less government regulation means small businesses can operate on their terms not the City Council’s. City Council needs to stop adding burdensome regulations that harm the econo ... Read the rest of entry »

Protect Spokane Jobs and Vote NO on Prop 1

The Worker Bill of Rights is made up of four components 
that could impact any individual employed by any business, including non-profits, healthcare establishments, schools and government agencies on a full-time, part-time, temporary or seasonal basis, including independent contractors, and contracted, contingent and temporary workers who perform any portion of their employment in Spokane. Learn more about this detrimental new proposition for Spokane Businesses. Read the rest of entry »

Reconsidering Spokane City Council's 15% Apprenticeship Quota

Last week we alerted you to the fact that the Spokane City Council is considering imposing a 15% apprenticeship quota on any city project over $200,000, and urged you to write or call members of the Council to let them know how unnecessary and costly this new ordinance would be for City taxpayers.

This week we have good news! Read the rest of entry »

Spokane City Council Considering 15% Apprenticeship Quota

August 19, 2014 - Last week, without notice or input from the construction community, Council President Ben Stuckart and Councilwoman Amber Waldref, unveiled a new proposed ordinance that would impose a 15% apprenticeship utilization requirement on any City of Spokane project $200,000 or above.  The ordinance includes stiff penalties for non-compliance.  Read the rest of entry »


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