Please Welcome New ABC Member - CRUX Subsurface, Inc.

Crux Subsurface, Inc. is a geotechnical exploration and construction firm, providing contract drilling and related services to the industry.

Founded in 1998 by experienced individuals, they bring together innovative equipment, techniques and personnel to provide drilling services on some of the most logistically challenging projects in North America. Crux formed its roots in geotechnical exploration, providing superior core recovery in difficult-access locations. They operate a full in-house machine shop, allowing them to tailor equipment to access these challenging locations and meet other project-specific needs.

CRUX Subsurface, Inc. specialty drilling methods are dedicated to maintaining cost-effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact, and they pride themselves on acquiring data within the existing footprint of an area or structure. Among others, exploration services include core drilling and sampling, horizontal drilling, in-situ testing, instrument installation, and downhole imaging.