Please Welcome ABC's New Member - Western States Steel & Fab., Inc.

Western States Steel & Fab, Inc. is an AISC Certified Fabricator for Conventional and Complex Building Structures. Their fabrication operations are oriented towards commercial and private steel projects. Their craftsman are experienced, skilled and able to work to tight tolerance and schedule requirements. Their philosophy is aimed at taking care of their customers, working with General Contractors to realize successful construction projects.

Their fabrication division excels at structural steel and miscellaneous steel fabrication, specializing in steel stair and railing systems. WSS has adopted AISC's stringent Quality Control program which allows them "AISC Certified Fabricator" status.  An abundant amount of time, effort and money has been put into this program and in return WSS has received what they believe is a very loyal relationship from contractors, owners and vendors.

The commitment to excellence their team adheres to assures conformance to the job specifications and an excellent fit-up process at the job site. Their Quality Control program incorporates material tracking from the vendor to processing. Upon arrival from the vendor, the material is inspected against their P.O. for conformance to job specifications. After a fit-up and before welding, their QC person inspects all material required for each major piece or mark number, assuring correct dimensions, material grade and size. They will then sign off on the QC shop drawing, taking responsibility for its correctness.

The piece is then moved on to a welding station where the welder identifies the size and type of weld required then proceeds to weld up, stamping his designated welder stamp on the piece when finished. Their weld inspector checks these welds to the QC drawings and if correct signs off. If required, the material will continue on to be drilled and /or painted. Before shipping, as the fabricated material is loaded, it’s again inspected for overall conformity, and if acceptable, that person will also sign off on the drawing.

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