Please Welcome New ABC Member - DIVCO, Inc.

At DIVCO, Inc., they take pride in their customer relationships, many dating back to 1982. They maintain this long-term customer loyalty with a strong commitment to service. DIVCO provides the best value, but not necessarily the cheapest price. They look beyond the next repair and recommend strategies or services that save money in the long run. 

DIVCO listens to each customer and provides services they need, not just whatever is most convenient. They recognize the requirements of a commercial customers are very different from those of a residential customers. That is why DIVCO deals exclusively with commercial customers.

The entire staff at DIVCO strives to conduct business honestly and ethically. All transactions are based on a philosophy of mutual gain. They make ongoing investments in training, tools, and technology so every staff member is always approaching problems from an educated and well equipped position. Their technicians present a clean and professional appearance so each customer will never be embarrassed to have their trucks or personnel at their building.

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