Idaho Legislative Update – ABC Making Progress on CM/GC Bill . . . Big Battles Remain

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of so many ABC members emailing and calling members of the Idaho House Business Committee, the ABC backed bill, HB 119 passed out of committee by a close vote of 9 to 7.

ABC’s bill would add a number of safeguards for both taxpayers and subcontractors, to the existing Idaho CM/GC law. That new law, pushed through last year by the Idaho AGC, presently has virtually no protections for subcontractors or taxpayers. Under the present law, Idaho public works projects utilizing the CM/GC deliver method allow CM/GC’s to self-perform any amount of the work, and to essentially handpick which subcontractors are allowed to bid on bid packages. 

ABC’s HB 119 would, among other things, limit CM/GC self-performed work to 30%, and mandate that all sub-bid packages be advertised publicly, and be open to bid by any responsible, licensed subcontractor who wishes to bid.

Idaho AGC is voraciously fighting our bill, but was unsuccessful in stalling it in the House Business Committee. Unfortunately they continue to pressure House Leadership to either kill the bill, or force ABC to compromise on the public bidding of sub-bid packages.

ABC stands on principle and we simply will not compromise what we view as the most important aspect of the bill, which is the mandate that the sub-bid package bidding remains open and public. This protects all participants in our industry, and most importantly helps to ensure that Idaho taxpayers receive the benefit of open competition.

Want to help? Then please email and/or call Representative Brent Crane and House Speaker Scott Bedke. Ask them to help protect both subcontractors and taxpayers by passing HB 119 with ABC’s language! Ask them politely to quit defending the AGC position which would allow big general contractors to pick only their friends for bidding.

Representative Brent Crane can be reached at, 208-332-1120

House Speaker Scott Bedke can be reached at, 208-332-1111

Questions? Contact ABC President Kate McCaslin at or 509-534-0826.