Legislative Alert! Your Action Needed!

Good news! Last week the Idaho House Business Committee voted to formally “print” ABC‘s proposed amendments to Idaho’s CM/GC law as an actual bill.

The bill number is HO 119. It is presently scheduled for a formal hearing on Wednesday February 25th at 1:30 PM before the House Business Committee in the State Capitol.

It is critically important that the members of the House Business Committee hear from you as soon as possible!

Even if you are not in their District, an email, letter or call will make a difference! If this Committee does not approve our bill for the full House, then it will be dead for this session.

Here are some suggested points you may want to make in your communication. Please put them into your own words - let the Representatives know how it will affect your business.

1)      This bill would NOT repeal the CM/GC law. It would simply amend the law to provide better protections for taxpayers, and keep Idaho’s public projects more open for bidding for all qualified subcontractors. The current law has virtually no safeguards for either taxpayers or subcontractors and could allow the CM/GC or its subsidiaries or “favorite” subcontractors to perform all the work without following Idaho’s public bidding laws.

2)      The proposed amendment are very sensible, and are actually similar to rules that are followed in other states which have had the benefit of working with the CM/GC delivery method for some time. Click here to see a summary of the proposed amendments. Click here to see a copy of the full bill.

Please contact members of the House Business Committee as soon as possible. Here is their contact information:



Legislative Email Address

Representative, Position A

Representative Robert Anderst


Representative, Position A

Representative Vito Barbieri


Representative, Position A

Representative Gayle Batt


Representative, Position B

Representative Merrill Beyeler


Representative, Position A

Representative Lance Clow


Representative, Position A

Representative Gary Collins


Representative, Position A

Representative Brent Crane


Representative, Position B

Representative Reed DeMordaunt


Representative, Position B

Representative Sage Dixon


Representative, Position A

Representative Brandon Hixon


Representative, Position A

Representative Paulette Jordan


Representative, Position B

Representative Clark Kauffman


Representative, Position B

Representative Jason Monks


Representative, Position A

Representative Joe Palmer


Representative, Position  B

Representative John Rusche


Representative, Position B

Representative Elaine Smith


Representative, Position A

Representative Jeff Thompson


Representative, Position B

Representative Caroline Troy


It would be greatly appreciated if you could attend the hearing on February 25th, even if you do not want to testify. If you can attend the hearing, please contact ABC President Kate McCaslin as soon as possible so that we can plan the hearing accordingly.

Thank you – if you have any questions please contact ABC President Kate McCaslin either via email at katemccaslin@ipcabc.org or phone, 208-585-1447 or 509-534-0826.