Legislative Update for Idaho and Washington: 1-20-2015


CM/GC Legislation

Two weeks ago ABC met with key members of leadership and committees to discuss the deficiencies of the new CM/GC bill passed in the last legislative session. The legislators were very receptive to ABC’s information, and concerned about the potential unintended consequences of the new bill.

Next steps . . . ABC will draft recommendations to tighten up the legislation and meet with other interested stakeholders. If you are interested in joining the ABC CM/GC Task Force, which is the ABC member group working on this project, please contact ABC President Kate McCaslin via email at katemccaslin@ipcabc.org or at 509-981-0534.

The Dig Bill

ABC is tracking proposed changes in the Idaho “Dig” statute, the law that dictates notice requirements to owners of underground facilities when excavating in Idaho. The proposal, among other things, would create a new board that would determine penalties for violations causing damage to underground facilities, and document incidents. Penalties presently are assessed only through civil actions. To see the current bill click here, for more information or to give your thoughts email ABC President Kate McCaslin or contact her at 509-534-0826.


ABC Goes to Olympia February 19, 2015

ABC is gearing up to head for Olympia on February 19, 2015. Join your fellow ABC members and staff as we meet with freshmen legislators, then have dinner with key Committee Chairman. The event includes a meeting with freshmen legislators from 4:30 to 5:30 PM, followed by dinner with ranking members of the House Labor & Workforce Development and Senate Commerce and Labor committees from 6 – 8 PM.

Click here to view the flyer for the event, or contact Kate McCaslin at the ABC office, 509-534-0826 for more information and to make your reservation.