ABC Task Force Tackles Idaho's New CM/GC Law

During the 2014 session, Idaho ‘s Legislature passed broad and ambiguous language dramatically changing the existing Idaho CM law. The new law allows for licensed Construction Managers to also act as General Contractors and perform work, as well as act as the construction manager.

A task force composed of ABC members from throughout the Chapter, has been working with ABC Idaho lobbyist Jane Wittmeyer, on developing language to either put rules in place to properly constrain the law and protect both taxpayers and contractors.

While the law passed despite ABC’s protests that the law is far too broad and contains no safeguards against the potential for unscrupulous contractors to take advantage of public agencies. Moreover ABC remains concerned that the law, as written, could shut out qualified subcontractors from bidding on Idaho Public Works. Clearly, the way the law was passed Idaho taxpayers could end up footing the bill for higher construction costs.

ABC also attended meetings of the Idaho Public Works Licensing Board, which made it clear they do not intend to address any issues except licensing for CM/GCs.

Ultimately ABC may have to work with Legislators in the next session to amend the law to put in best practices from other states and ensure the Idaho taxpayers continue to get the most for their construction dollar.
If you are interested in participating on the ABC ACDM Task Force, please contact ABC President Kate McCaslin.