Summer '14 Legislative Review and a Quick Look Ahead

A key part of ABC’s mission is to advance and protect Free Enterprise and the Merit Shop – which means ABC is constantly working at all levels of government to protect your interests and keep markets open and free for Merit Shop contractors and your employees.

At the Federal level ABC employs a large team of individuals who not only lobby National officials on ABC issues, but constantly monitor proposed new regulations and laws that would impact your business.

At the state level, ABC employs two contract lobbyists, in Idaho and Washington state, to monitor the state legislatures and represent your interests during the legislative sessions.

At the local level ABC local staff works to monitor activities in our counties and cities to make certain local officials understand business and Merit Shop issues.

This summer saw broad ranging activities at both the National and Chapter levels in government affairs.  Here’s a snapshot of the Summer of 2014 from a Legislative perspective.  To learn more about what ABC is doing on your behalf at every level of government, contact ABC President, Kate McCaslin at

A Quick Look Ahead...

Candidate Interviews and Endorsements
– ABC will be conducting interviews with candidates for office in both Idaho and Washington, making endorsements and giving PAC contributions, prior to the election.  If you are interested in participating contact ABC President Kate McCaslin at

Preparing for the Idaho and Washington Legislative Sessions
– While it might seem like it’s far away, both Legislatures will convene in January, with the potential for passing laws impacting your business.  ABC will be there, but prior to the session we will be preparing our legislative agenda.  If you have issues or concerns, please let us know!