Reconsidering Spokane City Council's 15% Apprenticeship Quota

Last week we alerted you to the fact that the Spokane City Council is considering imposing a 15% apprenticeship quota on any city project over $200,000, and urged you to write or call members of the Council to let them know how unnecessary and costly this new ordinance would be for City taxpayers.


This week we have good news!  After hearing from contractors and taxpayers, sponsors of the ordinance, City Council President Ben Stuckart and Councilwoman Amber Waldref, have reconsidered their position and are “pulling” the draft ordinance from consideration at this time.


Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to call or write – but rest assured we will have to stay vigilant.  The ordinance could be reconsidered at any time, but let’s hope that Council members will reach out to everyone in the Industry, rather than just organized labor, before they reconsider the ordinance.  As you encounter Council people in the community, be sure and thank them for taking this ill-advised and costly ordinance off the table.


For more information on this issue, feel free to contact ABC President Kate McCaslin.