Spokane City Council Considering 15% Apprenticeship Quota

Last week, without notice or input from the construction community, Council President Ben Stuckart and Councilwoman Amber Waldref, unveiled a new proposed ordinance that would impose a 15% apprenticeship utilization requirement on any City of Spokane project $200,000 or above.  The ordinance includes stiff penalties for non-compliance.


ABC and AGC are working together to educate the City Council about the reasons they should oppose this unnecessary and costly regulation.  However, the reality is that in order to stop this ordinance, we will need your assistance in contacting City Council members to voice your opposition to the proposal.


Please take a moment to write an email or letter to members of the City Council and let them know the costly, negative impacts this will have on your business and your ability to bid and perform City of Spokane projects.


The more specific you can be about the increased costs that will be incurred by city taxpayers as a result of the new ordinance are particularly important.  Council members need to understand that this ordinance will come at a steep price, and that many contractors may in fact not continue to bid city work.  Again the more specific you can be, the more impactful it will be.


I have attached the proposed ordinance for your review and information.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. (If unable to view ordinanace, click the download button in the upper right corner.)


But please, do not wait!  Write or call today, or at least some time this week.  Time is of the essence, as the Council President Stuckart has indicated this ordinance will be fast tracked.


Here is the contact information for the City Council:


Ben Stuckart

City Council President

(509) 625-6269


Amber Waldref

City Council Member, District 1

(509) 625-6719


Mike Fagan

City Council Member, District 1

(509) 625-6224


Jon Snyder

City Council Member, District 2

(509) 625-6714


Mike Allen

City Council Member, District 2

(509) 625-6715


Candace Mumm

City Council Member, District 3

(509) 625-6718