NLRB Appointments Confirmed


On July 31, 2012 the Senate confirmed five members to the National Labor Relations Board.

For all business and especially for Merit Shop contractors, the majority spells continued trouble ahead - ABC expects that Pearce, Hirozawa and Schiffer will use their majority on the Board to further the radical agenda we have seen over the last four years.  This likely means a new Ambush Election rule, and intrusion of micro unions into new industries, along with a new very anti-business Persuader rule.

The new Board includes:

Sharon Block and Richard Griffin, the unlawful recess appointments, will step down. The Supreme Court has agreed to review Noel Canning v. NLRBwhich is the case brought by the ABC led, Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, (CDW). This case challenges the Block and Griffin appointments. Until the Supreme Court issues a decision, it remains uncertain as to whether any of Board's decisions or rules in which Block, Griffin or Becker participated are valid. The new Board will likely begin issuing cases in the next few months and rules within the year.

ABC will keep you posted on new cases and rules as they occur and will continue our fight against anti-worker and anti-business initiatives coming out of the NLRB and DOL.