Iron Mountain Construction Management, LLC is a project management and staff augmentation company with a specialty construction and buildings trades division with commercial operations. Their mission is to provide qualified people to their clients. Their professionals know how to manage and operate projects with members from varying disciplines and construction building trades. 

Since inception, Iron Mountain Construction Management, LLC has focused on building its team and partnering with experts in other companies. They have developed strong teams of professionals to carry out increasingly complex work as the task demands have increased. They are well supported by their business partners, and their combined experience is imperative in a paradigm where the built teams are requisite to the task. Through their work in professional development and construction staffing, they have demonstrated their ability to perform their mission statement to place qualified construction personnel in specialized roles for construction and delivery as planned.

They can provide professionals to projects and clients nationwide, including:

  • Quality assurance managers (with NQA1 experience)
  • Superintendents
  • Engineers in varying disciplines
  • Construction managers
  • Work control planners
  • Cost analysts                
  • Field work supervisors
  • Project safety representatives
  • Craft supervisors
  • Building tradespeople in varying disciplines
  • Human resources managers and specialists
  • Industrial hygienists and hygiene technicians
  • Information technologists and specialists
  • Technical editors and writers
  • Marketing communications specialists
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