SCS provides a wide range of services made available to their customers depending on their needs and requirements. If you are looking for elaborate radius partitions and multi-stepped soffits, they offer many years of experience and great ideas to help convey the look you are wanting.

SCS offers complete packages such as interior non-load bearing metal stud framing to exterior heavy gauge structural metal framing. SCS can fulfill security and safety requirements by installing shaft wall systems, bullet proof wall panels and expanded metal mesh just to list a few. They install sound batts in sound walls, completed gypsum board and finishes such as light to heavy textures, skip trowel and level 5 smooth wall. SCS will install FRP in janitor’s closets to full wash bays, using any variety of panel colors, textures and trims.

Their painting team can fulfill all exterior and interior painting requirements including faux paints, staining and sealing woods and concrete, epoxy coated systems, wall coverings, block fillers to water repellents. They also offer a variety of acoustical wall panels and ceiling systems ranging from fabric wrapped wall panels, glue up tile ceilings to extravagant curved ceiling clouds made of designer lay in ceiling tile with Axiom trims.