Good hiring does not just depend on gut feelings or having multiple interviews; good hiring also depends on the procedures you have in place for the hiring process. Some good hiring practices are as follows.

  • Do Not Hire on the Jobsite

·         It is not a good practice to hire on the jobsite. It greatly limits an employer’s ability to follow a structured and fair hiring process. 

·         There are legal responsibilities for the employer once a job has been offered and the employee starts working.      

  • Use a Job Application

·         Job applications provide a consistent format with the same questions that must be answered by each applicant.

·         Resumes that are created by individuals highlight work related success stories but, do not describe the particular skills needed to perform tasks.

  • The Job Application Process

·         Get authorizations to verify information.

·         Contact references.

·         Do background checks.

·         Verify eligibility to work (I-9).

·         Explain and conduct drug/alcohol testing.

  • The Interview

·         Have the completed application and copies of the job description in which you are hiring for available at the interview.

·         If the direct supervisor is available have him or her attend or conduct the interview.

·         Have questions prepared ahead of time.

·         Ask about any gaps in employment.

·         Ask about valid licenses or certifications.

·         Ask questions directly about the job duties and tasks.

  • Job Offer

·         Be clear the job offer is “At Will.”

·         Make job offers in writing, include the specify position, duties, salary and any bonus or incentive pay. 

·         Include statement:  The details of this job offer are subject to all hiring and employment requirements and include verification of employment eligibility and drug testing results.