It is time for Inland Pacific Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (IPC-ABC) members to enroll in the IPC-ABC Retro Group. Enrollment documents must be in by March 31, 2015.

We will not have final refunds number on the first adjustment for the 2013-2014 Plan Year until the first week of May 2015; however, preliminary numbers look promising. We are projecting the refund to come in right around the same as last year’s refund.

Due to the way IPC –ABC distributes refund based on individual company performance several of our members received a larger percentage of refund that the group as a whole. 

“Customer service and individual attention are ABC’s number one priorities, whether it’s safety services, claims management or the best possible refund!  Retro is a long term investment, and ABC’s Retro Program has proven itself a terrific investment over the long haul.”

          Ed Walker, Walker Construction, Inc.
Walker Construction, Inc. received a 52% refund back from retro!

 “We have been an active member of ABC since 1998 and the Retro program is a big reason why.  The single point of contact and claims management is very important to our company and our employees. And the annual refund that exceeds 40% is head and shoulders above any other Retro program we've researched.  

With this kind of service and savings, my only question is: Why would anyone NOT join ABC?”

          Randy Cameron, COO, Baker Construction & Development, Inc.
Baker Construction & Development, Inc. received a 53% refund back from retro!