With ABC Retro Group re-enrollment right around the corner, it seems appropriate to give our current retro members an update of the status of the group.  Currently we have 79 ABC members participating in the ABC Retro Group.  The average EMR of the members participating in our group is .79.  More than half actual 55% of the members participating in the ABC Retro Group are receiving a Claims Free Discount.  This is a discount employers can earn by not having a time loss claim in the last three years.  With this discount the member actual receives an additional reduction in their EMR.  Which equates to a reduction in Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rates. 

In the next two months we will receive the results of the first adjustment on the Retro Refund for 2013-2014.  At this time, it appears we are in line with refunds numbers from last year in which the group earned a 39% refund.  Due to ABC’s performance based distribution calculation several of our members earned more than 50% in refunds last year.