Can you answer these 8 questions? 
  1. How many employees must sign union authorization cards in order for the NLRB to hold an election in your company?
  2. What does the acronym "TIPS" mean? HINT: it means more than the extra money you give a good server, and if you or your supervisor violates it your company could end up union.
  3. Are the statements and actions of your supervisors the same as what you say and do?
  4. What four things should NOT be on your company's job application form?
  5. What eight things SHOULD be on your company's job application form?
  6. What is the first thing you should do if a union representative walks into your office and hands you a stack of cards telling you that your employees want to unionize?
  7. What is negligent hiring?
  8. Should you, or should you not, use social networking sites in the hiring process?

In today’s world, if you do not know the answers to these questions (and many more), your company is at risk of having an employee/labor crisis that could cost you thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

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It’s not just about the unions taking over your company.  It’s about helping you navigate the treacherous waters of hiring, employing and terminating employees. 

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