This seminar will be presented in three separate parts. Greg Rodriguez, Vice President of Member and Safety Services will cover safety in the workplace and accident prevention.  When accidents occur in the work place, work stops!  When work stops, it costs productivity and money.  If the accident results in an injury, now we have an injury claim that directly impacts the cost of Workers’ Comp Insurance Rates.   By avoiding accidents and injuries in the workplace, companies save money!

The second part of this seminar will be presented by Clint Paskewitz, Sales Manager for Associated Insurance Services.  Clint represents the Associated Logger Exchange (ALE) Workers’ Compensation Group Insurance.  This is a great option for ABC members!  Clint has been able to help ABC members save thousands of dollars in workers’ comp insurance premiums by enrolling them in the ALE Group.    

Clint will cover how your company’s Experience Modification Ratings (EMR) is calculated.  He will explain how injury claims directly impact your insurance rates.   You are probably already aware that time loss claims affect your rates more adversely than medical only claims or claims without time loss.  Clint will demonstrate how significant avoiding time loss is to your bottom-line.

The third part of this seminar will be presented by Suzanne Schmidt Vice President of Workers’ Compensation Services.  She will cover when injury claims occur, what practices can be put in place to control claims costs?  Suzanne will present proven Best Practices to control claims costs.  Just to name a few proven practices; timely claims reporting, an established relationship with a medical clinic, and an RTW program designed to eliminate time loss.

Location: H & E Equipment Services.
3940 E. 16th Ave.
Post Falls, ID 83854

When:     January 22, 2015
        9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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