After the Spokane City Council passed a new apprenticeship quota ordinance several weeks ago by a vote of 5 to 2, the coalition opposing the ordinance, (led by ABC and AGC), was hopeful that Mayor Condon would veto the ordinance.  While his veto most certainly would have been over-ridden by the extremely liberal City Council majority, his veto message could have reinforced the fact that this burdensome new regulation would do nothing for training and apprenticeship, but would most certainly have raised the cost of construction for City taxpayers.

Unfortunately, Mayor Condon did not veto the ordinance.  Instead, his “spin” was that the he would begin a new initiative to grow construction jobs in the City, with the new ordinance a “good first step” toward achieving that goal.

A good first step Mr. Mayor?  Really?

How can new, unnecessary, expensive, and burdensome regulations be a good first step toward anything except bigger, fatter and even more wasteful government?

ABC is a proud supporter of apprenticeship and training in the construction industry.  However, apprenticeship is just one method of training and is by no means the only method.  By limiting the quota to only apprenticeship programs approved by the Washington State Apprenticeship Council, the City is unjustly excluding thousands of other potential workers who are receiving training in our industry through a variety of other excellent methods. 

By apparently embracing the new ordinance, the Mayor and the liberal majority on the Council have failed to recognize the real motive behind this new mandate, which is the union bosses’ quest to shut out open shop contractors from City of Spokane work.  As one ABC member characterized it, the new ordinance is really just a cleverly disguised PLA.

By the Mayor’s actions, he simply thumbed his nose at the clear message coming from the people who take all the risk and create all the jobs – the construction business owners throughout our area who were unanimous in their opposition of this new scheme.

If you would like to let the Mayor know, you don’t appreciate his actions, please give him a call at 509.625.6250, or send him an email at

You can view the Mayor’s announcement by clicking here.