In 2010,  Federal  OSHA audited Washington State’s Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) and determined that DOSH Compliance Officers are under citing employers.  One of the focus areas for citations is OSHA Logs.   To assist you with completing your OSHA 300 Log,  ABC has scheduled training for our members.  We encourage you to bring your log to the training with any questions you may have.  The training is scheduled for January 7th at noon at the ABC Office for North Region Members.  We also have two trainings scheduled in Central Washington one in Pasco at 9 am on January 21st  and the other in Walla Walla at noon on January 21st.    ABC is able to provide claims reports for 2014 claims.  If you would like a report, please make your request at least two business days prior to the training.  Please address requests to Suzanne Schmidt email address: