First, we work with your company to develop safety programs and policies that prevent accidents and keep your employees safe.  However; when the unfortunate accident does happen, we work immediately and tirelessly to manage the claim, ensure that your injured worker receives appropriate care, and that we get them back to work as quickly as possible.   What makes ABC’s professional claims management services different is we are located in Spokane/Eastern Washington .  “ We have boots on the ground.”  Other Construction Retro Programs: AGC, Approach Management, and BIAW/SHBA are all located on the Westside of the State.  Their offices are located in the Lacey/Olympia area.  They do not employ claims managers, safety managers or program managers  East of the Cascade Mountain.

Why is this important? 

Because ABC’s claims management services are located on the Eastside State we have the ability to create working relationships and partnerships with Vocational Counselors and Medical Providers in our area.  If one of our member is experiencing difficulty getting a worker released to light duty, the ABC claims staff can make the call to the doctor or go into the doctor’s office.  If a member needs a job description created by a licensed Vocational Counselor, we can arrange for that to happen in a day or two rather than request the service through L&I and wait two or three weeks for the Vocational Counselor to be assigned.  Basically, the ABC staff manages claims by working directly with professional services rather than requesting those services through L&I and waiting for something to happen. 

What is Different About ABC’s Program Management?

Our program has two equally weighted goals. Earn the largest Retro Refund possible for the group each year.  And work with individual companies to reduce their workers’ compensation insurance rates and their Experience Modification Rating (EMR). Our thorough and disciplined approach is what makes the ABC’s Retro Refund consistently one of the highest refunds in Washington!   Our average refund in the last three years was right at 27%.  Last year we achieved a 39% refund and we are on track for a similar refund this year.   Because of the way ABC distributes refunds based on premium contributed to the group versed individual claims costs,  some of our members received refunds of over 50%  of premium paid.   


If you have further questions, regarding the ABC Retro Program, please call Suzanne Schmidt at 509-252-9207.