ABC is committed to helping our members grow and prosper!  Clearly a significant barrier to their growth is a growing shortage of skilled workers, along with a diminishing number of new workers entering the construction industry.


We are pleased and excited to announce that we are significantly expanding our education and workforce development department in order to train more skilled workers and attract new workers to our Industry.


We are also pleased to announce that we have hired Jeff Hooper as our new Vice President of Workforce Development to lead this effort.  Mr. Hooper has extensive experience in all aspects of workforce development including apprenticeship, supervisory and management education, along with reaching new workers for the Industry.  Hooper most recently led the Arizona Builders’ Alliance education department, but has also served the San Diego Chapter of ABC, along with the Construction Industry Training Council of Washington.  Hooper will be on board our chapter in mid November.


For more information on this effort contact ABC President Kate McCaslin at the chapter office, 509-534-0826.