The Association of Washington Business has distributed their 2015-2016 Legislative Agenda for Workers’ Compensation Reform. Washington State Fund insurance rates have increased by over 70 percent in the last ten years.  The costs are driven in part by the highest benefits cost per employee in the nation ($835), the longest average time loss duration in the nation (284 days), and the largest number of annual pensions awarded in the nation (up to 1,800 per year).

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In brief, Washington State is a Monopolistic Workers’ Compensation Insurance System.   

Employers have” two choices” both are administered by the Department of Labor and Industries.

1.)  Self- Insurance -  Which only penciled out for the largest companies in Washington (Costco, Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, etc…)

2.)  State Fund Insurance -  The Department of Labor and Industries Industrial Insurance Division is the carrier or provider for workers’ compensation insurance.