A workshop for employers who want to learn more about the status of Health Care reform and how to plan for the future.

Scratching your head about the status of health care reform? Trying to think ahead about the health care benefits you can provide your employees that will help you keep – and attract -- the best talent for your company without breaking your bank account?

You are not alone.

High performing companies, regardless of their size, are increasingly adopting new benefit strategies that will differentiate themselves and enhance their competitive advantage in the marketplace. Of course, chief among those benefits is health insurance.

With the passage of Healthcare Reform many employers are increasingly questioning the value in providing health insurance to their employees. It is a complex issue and many employers find themselves simply reacting to business and financial pressures, rather than thoughtfully planning ahead.

But how do you go about the planning process? How does the culture of your company impact the benefit programs you provide? How can you structure your benefit programs in order to attract and retain top talent, and keep your workforce productive and engaged?

Join us Thursday September 25th for an interactive session that will help answer all of these questions and provide you a framework to plan your benefit program thoughtfully and strategically in order to provide you and your employees the most for your investment.