How to positively impact your EMR

Receive a
$2,610 credit on every medical only claim – a claim where no time loss is paid.Does it make sense to let a worker go on time loss for one or two days and lose this credit?

•       As long as no time loss is not paid each claim receives a $2,610 credit.

•       What can you do as an employer to obtain the $2,610 credit if your worker cannot return to their job of injury?

·         Provide Light Duty

·         Pay Kept On Salary (KOS)

$$$ Stay at Work Program $$$

•    The Stay at Work Program was created to encourage employers to bring their injured workers back to light-duty
transitional jobs by helping to cover their initial costs.

•     You can apply and be reimbursed up to 50% of the injured worker's wage while working transitional duties up to $10,000 or 66 work days.

•     What you need to be eligible for reimbursement.

· The APF completed and signed by the medical provider

· A Job Description signed by the medical provider

· Payroll Records for the injured worker’s wages while working transitional duties

For more information on these cost saving measures, please call Suzanne Schmidt at 509-252-9207 or email