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From the category archives: Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

Monthly Lunch and Learn Seminars Return Next Week

Each year IPC-ABC offers Monthly Lunch and Learn Seminars for ABC Members free of charge. These seminars focus on Workers’ Compensation, Human Resource, and Safety best practices.

IPC-ABC’s upcoming Lunch and Learn will focus on Decision Making and how the smallest of decisions can have the biggest impacts when it comes to our safety in both our work and personal lives.

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Washington State Supreme Court Sets New L&I Precedence

On July 14, 2016, the Washington Supreme Court added an additional day for injury claims to be reported. Previously, an injury claim had to be filed within one year of the day of injury; the clock started on the day of injury. Now, the year to file an injury claim starts the day after the day of injury. 

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Monthly Lunch and Learn Seminars Return Next Week

Each year IPC-ABC offers Monthly Lunch and Learn Seminars for members free of charge. The seminars focus on Workers’ Compensation, Human Resources, and Safety best practices. Classes in Spokane run the first Wednesday of each month. Classes in Central Washington typically run the third week of each month.

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ABC Retro July Adjustment Summary Results

July Adjustment Summary Results


ABC received a 39% refund for the 2013-2014 Plan Year


How Does ABC Stack Up Against the Competition?


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Good Hiring Practices

Good hiring does not just depend on gut feelings or having multiple interviews; good hiring also depends on the procedures you have in place for the hiring process. Some good hiring practices are as follows.

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Occupational Medicine Best Practices

Fact:  Less than 10% of workers’ compensation claims account for more than 80% of total expenditures.

What may be most surprising is that more than 90% of these high cost claims are non-catastrophic soft tissue conditions.

Although there are plenty of opinions about what causes disability syndrome and the problems with our workers’ compensation systems, only a few practices appear to be able to reduce work-related, long-term disabilities.          

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Retro Re-Enrollment for the 2015-2016 Plan Year

It is time for Inland Pacific Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (IPC-ABC) members to enroll in the IPC-ABC Retro Group. Enrollment documents must be in by MARCH 31, 2015.

We will not have final refunds number on the first adjustment for the 2013-2014 Plan Year until the first week of May 2015; however, preliminary numbers look promising. We are projecting the refund to come in right around the same as last year’s refund.

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IPC-ABC Retro Group Update

With ABC Retro Group re-enrollment right around the corner, it seems appropriate to give our current retro members an update of the status of the group.  Currently we have 79 ABC members participating in the ABC Retro Group.  The average EMR of the members participating in our group is .79.  

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How the ABC Retro Program Compares to Other Construction Retro Programs?

First, we work with your company to develop safety programs and policies that prevent accidents and keep your employees safe.  However; when the unfortunate accident does happen, we work immediately and tirelessly to manage the claim, ensure that your injured worker receives appropriate care, and that we get them back to work as quickly as possible.   What makes ABC’s professional claims management services different is we are located in Spokane/Eastern Washington . 

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ABC will be presenting “Workers’ Comp Insurance ….It is a Controllable Expense! “ in Northern Idaho

This seminar will be presented in three separate parts. Greg Rodriguez, Vice President of Member and Safety Services will cover safety in the workplace and accident prevention.  When accidents occur in the work place, work stops!  When work stops, it costs productivity and money.  If the accident results in an injury, now we have an injury claim that directly impacts the cost of Workers’ Comp Insurance Rates.   By avoiding accidents and injuries in the workplace, companies save money!

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